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Tyler Schmidtke


Software Engineering Manager - Automox
Jul 2022 – Present

  • Management and technical leadership of two high-velocity engineering teams and one documentation team, 10 direct reports.
  • Technical guidance and support for the delivery of multiple new product features including OttoAI (OpenAI integration), a new Console Dashboard, Automated Vulnerability Remediation enhancements, and a new reporting feature.
  • Collaboration with senior leadership to shape the culture and direction of the Engineering organization.
  • Career development planning including alignment of individual goals with opportunities within a report's respective team team and beyond to support their professional goals and increases the impact of their contributions at Automox.

Senior Software Engineer – Automox
Jun 2021 – Jun 2022

  • Design and development of a microservice architecture for handling third-party integration workloads including Rapid7 Vulnerability Data to support Automox's Automated Vulnerability Remediation feature. Technologies incorporated into the design include Go REST API services, DynamoDB, Kafka, KMS, and Kubernetes for deployment
    • The release of the feature included a joint presentation with Rapid7 at their RSA 2022 Booth
  • Development of an internal shared Kafka library in Go that provides common interfaces and built-in producer/consumer tracing instrumentation which is used across multiple Automox platform services
  • Development of a ServiceNow CMDB integration in the ServiceNow Platform
  • Development of a command line utility in Go for installation of the Automox Agent via a CrowdStrike remote execution API which is used extensively during the pre-sales and onboarding processes

Senior Software Engineer – Rapid7
Feb 2019 – May 2021

  • Led design and development of a GraphQL API for the discovery of integrations and capabilities available within the InsightConnect plugin ecosystem.
  • Development on Rapid7’s Insight Orchestrator, a container runtime orchestrator written in Go, responsible for managing integration workloads within customer networks for their InsightConnect product. The service facilitated message handling, container lifecycles, cloud registration, and error-tolerant result processing.
  • Development on the InsightConnect product backend in Go
  • Development of integration and extensibility solutions in Python for Rapid7’s products
  • Development of a custom user administration portal for Rapid7’s InsightVM product implemented with a React frontend and Flask API backend

Software Development Consultant – Rapid7
Oct 2018 – Jan 2019

  • Development and deployment of integration software in Python and Ruby for Rapid7 Professional Services customers, working directly with customers to meet their requirements and ensure customer success.
    • Integrations interfaced with a variety of technologies including REST APIs, SOAP APIs, Databases, Configuration Management
  • Code review and mentorship for the broader Rapid7 Enterprise Security Consulting team
  • Notable projects:
    • Design and development of a modular IT ticketing integration in Python for Rapid7’s InsightVM product with generic interfaces for asynchronous service connectivity, data sources, and outputs
    • Development of multiple high-use Rapid7 InsightConnect plugins including the Gmail, Rapid7 InsightVM, and VirusTotal plugins

Enterprise Security Consultant – Rapid7
Mar 2017 – Sep 2018

  • Provided deployment and training services for Rapid7’s product suite for customers across multiple industries, in diverse network environments
  • Developed Ruby scripts for workflow automation and product integration
  • Developed custom SQL queries to drive data analytics using Rapid7 product data
  • Consulted customers on leveraging Rapid7’s product suite to improve their vulnerability management program
  • Notable projects:
    • Development of an automated build pipeline for a custom Ubuntu OVA using HashiCorp Packer, Jenkins, and Ansible
    • Developed a deployment services training program for Rapid7 partners including course content, lab environments, exams, and a fully automated exam grading system using Ruby and Google scripts

IT Security Engineer – Sweetwater
Jan 2016 – Mar 2017

  • Lead IT infrastructure, network, and software development security initiatives
  • Configuration management and automation of Linux/MacOS systems and Cisco network infrastructure within Sweetwater's core data center and across multiple campuses using Ansible
  • Design and implementation of solutions for log aggregation and monitoring using Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, Grafana, and Prometheus
  • Management of Akamai content delivery network and web application firewall configuration

Information Security Consultant – Crowe LLP
Jun 2015 – Dec 2015

  • Performed consulting services for clients across various industries including, penetration testing, network security assessment, and information security risk assessment
  • Presentation of findings from assessments to client executives and stakeholders

IT Support Specialist – Sweetwater
Sep 2014 – May 2015

  • Design and implementation of an OS X management solution using open-source technologies and custom-developed applications
  • Linux server administration – Apache, BIND, DHCPd, NFS, Postfix, Samba
  • Network administration – LAN/WLAN – Cisco technologies


Programming: Go, Rust, Python, Bash, Ruby
Systems Design: AWS, Kubernetes, Event Driven Architecture, Relational Databases, NoSQL Databases, Terraform, Docker, Packer
Networking: Common OSI Model Protocols, Traffic Analysis, Network Security, Network Topology Design and Management
Operating Systems:

  • Linux: Configuration Management, Security, Networked Services (DHCPd, BIND, NGINX, Apache, Postfix)
  • MacOS: Security and Configuration, Large-scale Management
  • Windows: Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, Group Policy


Networking B.S – Indiana Tech
May 2015

  • Member - Alpha Chi Honors Society
  • Linux Administrator - Indiana Tech Cyber Defense Team 2013 – 2015
  • Mentor - Indiana Tech Engineering Summer Camp 2013 – 2014